Quick Tips To Get Your Home Ready For Unexpected Guests

If you have ever received a phone call or text warning of a surprise visit, then you know the panic as you race around the house trying to tidy up. We've all been there and it can be incredibly stressful. But it doesn't have to be stressful. You can have a plan in place for moments just like this – make your emergency cleanup plan and rest easy knowing you kind of expect the unexpected. 

The first job to tackle is dusting and rubbish removal. Start with rubbish removal by carrying an empty bin bag around your common areas to clear away any clutter or rubbish. You can grab a microfibre cloth and wipe every surface you pass as you pass it. You don't need to worry about separating the rubbish from the recycling, you can tuck the bag away somewhere your guests won't see it and sort it out later. 

There isn't time for a detailed cleaning so you have to prioritise. The main areas to focus on are the living room because it's presumably where you will entertain your guests, the guest bathroom, and the kitchen. Give each room a once over and concentrate where the need for cleaning is obvious. You have already dusted and de-cluttered, and now you can take a cloth around with a spray cleaner to wipe down those surfaces. 

The bathroom is probably the most noticeably unclean area so focus on it. As long as it's well-equipped and spotlessly clean, your guests won't suspect anything is amiss. Give the taps and fixtures a quick wipe, clean the toilet, empty the bin, and put out fresh towels. 

You aren't dealing with a normal situation so don't worry about giving cleaning products an accurate contact time. Spray what you need to, go back and wipe it down, and move on to the next job. If you are hosting company for the first time, they may want to see more of your home. In this case, you need to get all hands on deck and assign people to clean their rooms quickly. This is the one situation where stuffing things in cupboards and closets is a-okay! And anywhere you don't get to, simply close the door and keep it out of bounds. 

The final job is mopping and vacuuming. You don't need to vacuum and mop the whole house, but you should mop the bathroom and kitchen and vacuum the entryway and living room where you plan to entertain. Forget about hauling out attachments and vacuuming the curtains, focus on your floors. As long as your home is reasonably tidy, most guests will find it perfectly presentable. 

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