What Makes a Robot Vacuum Great in 2021

The first robot vacuum cleaner has been around for over twenty years, giving the market two decades to innovate and improve the technology - and innovate it has. Each year new robot vacuums emerge with more new features than you knew you even needed. While it’s hard to keep up with every update if you’re in the market to buy a new vacuum, you do need to know precisely what makes a robot vacuum great in 2021. Here are four key benefits that you should look out for when deciding if a new robot vacuum is great for your home.

Outstanding obstacle avoidance

The most frustrating part of owning a robot vacuum, as reported by users, is probably the inability of the robot to find its own way. Your home isn’t perfect and never will be - its layout will change day to day as objects move and obstacles arise. A great robot vacuum will adapt to these changes, intelligently sensing mess around it.

LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) sensors are the gold standard when it comes to effective obstacle avoidance. They are used to detect objects and analyse if the robot needs to shift its path to avoid them. Top robot vacuums scan at least six metres in front of them, detecting more than one hundred objects at once.

Ultra-slim form factor

One of the most appealing reasons to use a robot vacuum is its nifty ability to go wherever it needs to go without human intervention. Old robots were clunky and often got stuck around or under the furniture. The best robot vacuums contain their sensors within their main body, reducing their overall size and increasing their mobility, form and function. Some robots, such as the 360 S10, are less than 12cm tall, meaning they can scoot around (and under) a broader range of objects. The key is balancing functionality and inclusions within the smaller body - great robot vacuums do both without compromise.

The latest mapping technology

Robot vacuums should clean all possible areas of your home as they are instructed to do. In order to do just that, they need to create a virtual map of your home using their sensors, scanning every inch with its sensors. It will then use artificial intelligence to generate the most efficient cleaning route, saving power, time and getting the job done better than other, less intelligent robots. Robot vacuums in 2021 should also be able to detect what surface it’s running over - automatically increasing the suction when it encounters more rigorous and demanding floors, such as carpet.

Automatic yet completely customisable

The best robot vacuums integrate into your lifestyle without compromise. They will operate on their own yet adjust to your instructions when required. Autonomy with flexibility. All good robots will come with a downloadable mobile app that allows you to control their every move no matter where you are. Set up no-go zones, a regular cleaning schedule or double-down on certain areas of your home that need an extra clean.

Not many robot vacuums come with all these features, and of those that do, almost none fall within a reasonable price range. 360’s brand-new S10 ticks all the boxes and many more. As a well-deserved Red Dot Design Award winner, you know you’re purchasing quality and elegance - don’t compromise when it comes to peace in your home’s cleanliness.

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