3 Reasons Why Robot Vacuums Are Great for Apartments

Vacuuming is one of those must-do chores that takes time and energy. The hassle of dragging a corded or cordless vacuum cleaner out of the cupboard to haul it around the house can be exhausting. Especially after a long day at work or looking after the home. It's why so many people are investing in robot hoovers as their standard home vacuum cleaners. You enjoy the same benefits, but all you need to do is set your robo vac up in the 360 robot app and let it do all the hard work. 

Why Robot Vacs Are Great For Apartments 

Where there are people and animals, there must be cleaning. And the best clean robot is able to keep your floors clean and you don't have to handle the job yourself. So, why are so many apartment dwellers opting for a clean robot vacuum? One of the biggest reasons, of course, is that once you invest in an automatic vacuum cleaner you don't have to do any of the mopping and vacuuming. Instead, all you need to do is set it up in the app and enjoy the benefits of a clean home.

  1. Small but Mighty

One of the other major benefits of investing in a robot that vacuums is that it is much smaller than a traditional vacuum cleaner. There is no need to buy and store a vacuum and a mop, instead, you can opt for an auto vacuum cleaner.

  1. Highly Efficient

The benefits of robot mop vacuum cleaners for apartments don't end there. Smart vacuums offer high efficiency. It's the one gadget every apartment dweller needs, you don't need to be home for it to operate, but you can enjoy the benefits it offers. A self-vacuum cleaner is also incredibly easy to use. As long as it returns to its dock to charge, you can rely on your cleaning floor robot to cover the entirety of your home on one charge. 

  1. Works On Your Schedule

You can program your floor robot mop to operate when you want and how you want. Not only can a 360 Smart Life mop robot vacuum hold up to ten maps, but it's also highly accurate due to the numerous sensors and LidAR and SLAM technology. Due to its Wi-Fi connectivity, you can start a cleaning routine from absolutely anywhere, as long as you're online. 

Apartments can be challenging in terms of tight spaces, but hoovering robots don't require much space and with slimline options, such as the S10, there aren't many spaces they can't reach. Of course, that slimline frame also makes storage a bit more straightforward. 

Making The Right Choice With 360 Smart Life Shop 

If you are thinking about investing in a floor robot cleaner, visit the 360 Smart Life Store to see what's available. Store 360 stocks a range of 360 vacuum cleaners at a variety of price points. So, whatever your budget, you can find the best robot vacuum cleaner Australia. 

While there are plenty of 360 robot vacuums to choose from, the 360 S9 vacuum is a popular option. It is quieter than the average human voice when set to quiet mode, and once the automatic vacuum has fully cleaned your home it will switch over to the mop function to take care of your hard flooring. 

The C50 might be the best cheap robot vacuum 360 Australia has to offer, but that doesn't mean it lacks power. It offers a 510 ml dust bin and a 300 ml water tank. At just 7.9 cm tall, it can fit beneath much of your furniture to provide complete vacuuming coverage. If you have a bigger budget and you're not too concerned about finding a cheap robot vacuum, read on! 

At the top end of the 360 robot vacuum and mop cleaner range, there is the S10 robot sweeper. It's ultra-slim and with its advanced LiDAR technology, the S10 smart vacuum cleaner is unmatched in terms of obstacle avoidance and navigation. It offers a 520 ml water tank, 500 ml dust bin, and up to 180 minutes of operation, and at just 8.5cm tall, it can reach just about anywhere. 

You can also check out the S8 Plus remote vacuum cleaner. It automatically collects dust from your map robot vacuum and the bag holds up to 70 litres, which means you shouldn't need to think about emptying it for at least 70 days! It's even compatible with your smart home system. 

Final Thoughts

Whatever hoover robot vacuum you purchase from 360 Smart Life Online, you can use the app to schedule cleaning for different rooms, schedule cleaning for specified zones, and schedule when to mop and when to vacuum. The best home vacuum cleaner is the clean robot that fits your budget and meets your needs, whatever that might be. Just don't forget to get a robot vacuum warranty to protect your purchase.