360 Smart Life Mopping Check List For A Sparkling Home

Everyone deserves to come home to a sparkling home, but keeping it that way can be a challenge. It doesn't seem to matter how much cleaning you do, dust and debris appear on your floors at a rapid pace. Enter the robot that vacuums. It's the future we all imagined, it's the one we were promised and now there are floor robot cleaners that live up to the type. 

Mopping is a crucial part of keeping your home clean. It's something everyone knows to be true, but most of us haven't stopped to consider why. The first reason is that it sanitises your floors. Humans and pets track all kinds of dirt and debris in on their shoes and clothing, pet hair, food crumbs, and all sorts end up scattered. Along with those things come germs and bacteria that quickly build up and cold and flu season and hot weather are the biggest culprits. Mopping will make your house cleaner, but it will also make it healthier. Which is great for allergy sufferers in the home. When you mop frequently you rid your home of pet fur, dust and any other allergens that may be lurking. 

Believe it or not, mopping can help prevent your floor from scratching. When debris has the opportunity to accumulate it leads to scratches. And those scratches can become permanent, which will blemish your aesthetic and impact the value of your home when it's time to sell up. Of course, the final biggest reason to mop is so that your flooring always looks its best. 

Checklist To Ensure Sparkling Floors 

  •       Before you mop, be sure to vacuum regularly. It's the most effective way to avoid dirt, dust, and debris sticking to the floor.
  •       Invest in an auto vacuum cleaner mop. You don't always need the best robovac in Australia, you just need the one that meets your needs. When you find that floor robot vacuum, use the linked app to set a schedule that works for you. If you have a particularly busy or chaotic home, you can set your robot to vacuum more often. However, once a week should be more than sufficient. You should also set the vacuum to operate every other day, or daily if you have pets and children. You can create maps and schedules in an app, which will allow you to set certain areas for more frequent cleaning.
  •       An automatic vacuum is a massive helper, but you still need to carry out a routine deep clean to keep your floors sparkling. Mark it on the calendar – you should manually mop your floors once a month.

360 Smart Life Smart Vacuum Cleaner 

There are a variety of 360 robot vacuum and mop cleaner models to choose from, whether you have a modest budget for an entry point unit or you want to go big with a 360 s9 vacuum. 

If you are looking for a cheap robot vacuum, the C50 is a great place to start your robo vac journey. It's powerful, but it's affordable. It's also a particularly great choice if you live in an apartment or a smaller home. 

At just 7.9 cm tall and 31.5 cm in diameter, it is a small, slim automatic vacuum cleaner. It offers gyroscope-based navigation with a slick mopping function to offer a two-in-one unit that operates powerfully on both fronts. It can reach areas where a traditional vacuum or larger map robot vacuum can't. Of course, you can also download the app to control your robot sweeper from it, including setting water output and suction modes, as well as creating schedules and maps.

It isn't the most expensive robot vacuum 360 Australia offers, but it is priced higher than the C50. It comes with extra power! It offers great mapping, a sleek charging station, and powerful suction. It's not a climber, but it doesn't need to be. The app provides you with plenty of choices to create no-go zones, as well as set mopping and vacuuming zones. You can also create a variety of schedules and maps to make a cleaning rota that works for your home. 

What sets this clean robot vacuum apart from the competition is the LIDAR navigation – this little laser system and its sensors provide it with a much more accurate navigation and depth perception.

The S10 is the top tier of 360 smart life online's automatic robot vacuums. It has everything the other models have, but more – the dustbin is bigger, the water tank is bigger, and it has more powerful suction. If you're looking for the best robot vacuum and mop in Australia, look no further than the S10. 

360 Smart Life Shop 

Visit the 360 Smart life Store to purchase the best robot vacuum cleaner in Australia and get a robot vacuum warranty to go with it. If you're not ready to embrace a robot vacuum cleaner and mop, store 360 also has a range of other vacuums including a cordless vacuum cleaner.