4 Gift Ideas For a House Warming

When someone moves into a new home they traditionally hold a small gathering to celebrate their move. This is generally known as a housewarming party and it's a good opportunity for the host to introduce their new living space to their family, friends, and sometimes their new neighbours as well. It's an informal gathering to celebrate a new stage in life, and guests generally bring gifts to celebrate that. 

It's not that the concept is confusing, it's simply challenging to choose an incredibly personal gift for someone before you have even seen their new space. You can't buy accessories if you don't know their colour scheme. It's difficult to guess their theme. So, housewarming gifts are often deeply impersonal, and impractical, or people opt to play it safe with a gift card. 

If you have upcoming house warmings and no idea what to buy, then we have some excellent options to choose from. The best way to gift is by striking a balance between lasting enjoyment and usefulness. Luckily, smart accessories tick both of those boxes and with plenty of items to choose from, you are sure to nail whatever budget you set.

  1.     Smart Doorbell

Smart doorbells are a security feature that more people are choosing. Fitted with a video camera, you can easily monitor what is going on at your front door, whether you are at home, in the office or even abroad. By gifting a smart doorbell you are empowering your loved one to take home security seriously. It's equipped with ultra-precise AI detection so it knows whether someone is at the door or it's a passing car or cat. You don't need to worry about false alarms.

  1.     Wireless Security Camera

What better way to keep an eye on things than with a security camera? It can provide special alerts if it detects motion, and will even start recording and send a push notification. It can be set to privacy mode as well, which means the owner can activate it when they want to turn the camera off and turn it back on just as easily. Of course, a wireless security camera is also a great way to keep track of pets, which is why many people opt for an interior camera rather than a doorbell or exterior mount.

  1.     The C50 Robot Vacuum

The 360 Smart Life C50 is an affordable robo vac. It's the perfect solution for pet owners. Not only will it store multiple maps of your home, but it also won't run down any furry friends. With a high-tech navigation system, the C50 is more than capable of reaching underneath your couch and cabinets and is smart enough to avoid obstacles.

 It's the most efficient way to keep floors cleaner than they have ever been. It combines the power of the vacuum and the mop in one sleek unit. It features a hefty water tank and dust bin comparable to those typically found in high-end units. Its smart navigation system guarantees the most efficient cleaning because it avoids overlap by tracking everywhere it has been. 

  1.     The S10

What better way to celebrate a new home than by gifting your loved one with a luxury item from the 360 Smart Life Shop? Whether you can't resist the pull of the 360 S9 Vacuum or it's all about the S10, they are the higher end of the spectrum. There is no greater gift to a new homeowner than a robot that vacuums. With it, comes the freedom to truly enjoy their new space.

 The map robot vacuum can be controlled via the 360 robot app. It can be used to schedule cleaning routines, assign rooms and times, choose no-go zones, and even set which room needs the mop cleaner and which rooms need the remote vacuum cleaner.

 The 360 robot vacuum S10 offers multi-floor mapping, LiDAR technology, and noise reduction, and at just 8.5 cm tall, it can easily fit beneath your furniture to vacuum everywhere. It has a 500 ml dustbin and 520 ml water tank so there's no need to worry about emptying the bin or refilling the water tank. It's more than capable of covering the entire home in one trip. 

Visit the 360 Smart Life Store 

If you are interested in purchasing a 360 robot vacuum and mop you can simply visit 360 Smart Life Online. Store 360 stocks a wide range of smart products, from security technology to wearables, dash cams, and smart vacuum cleaners. We also stock a slick cordless vacuum cleaner for those who prefer a more traditional approach to clean their home. Whether you are looking for a cheap robot vacuum or the best cleaning robot vacuum, 360 Australia stocks it. A robot sweeper is a grand addition to any home, whether you are looking for a housewarming gift or you want an auto vacuum cleaner for yourself.