4 Tips To Make Cleaning A Share House Easier

If there is one thing most people would appreciate, it's a cleaner who comes into their home and does all the annoying chores they don't have time for. Imagine, someone who comes in daily to mop your hard surface floors and vacuum the carpet. That isn't in most budgets, especially if you're sharing a house. 

What Is A Share House? 

A share house is, for many, a rite of passage. Multiple people share one property, with each having their own bedroom and sharing the kitchen, lounge, bathrooms, and dining area. It's a common setup for students, singles, newly married couples, and really anyone looking to save a bit of money on their living costs. When you're splitting the cost of living with multiple people, you can spend better elsewhere. 

There is one slight issue that tends to repeat across share houses the world over – chores. In particular, it's getting everyone to put in the equal effort with cleaning. There's always one housemate who doesn't know where to find the vacuum or who believes you should let dishes pile high before you load up the dishwasher. 

4 Ways You Can Make Cleaning a Share House Simple 


Ideally, you have the cleaning conversation before everyone moves in together. That isn't always possible, so at the earliest opportunity, sit everyone down together to discuss what clean means and what everyone deems important. This is your opportunity to create a chore list together, it should include cleaning the bathrooms, and kitchen, sweeping, vacuuming, and mopping, as well as windows, rubbish, fridges, and dusting. 


    Split your chores evenly, whether you always stick to the same job or you rotate them to mix things up. Define the responsibility, set a timeline for how often it should happen, and create a schedule that works for everyone.


    Everyone should be accountable for their own to-do list, it's the best way to ensure you live in a tidy home. Be open and honest in your communication with housemates, especially if someone is letting their responsibilities slide. 

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