5 Benefits of A Robot Vacuum & Mop

The majority of people would rather avoid mopping and vacuuming, especially when the dust settles just as quickly as you can hoover it up. And if you have children or pets, well, it can feel like you're fighting a losing battle. The chores list is never-ending and delegating never quite works out. Unless, of course, you could delegate the task of mopping and vacuuming to a robot hoover. There are plenty of great reasons to invest in an automatic robot vacuum, so, let's take a look at the top five benefits of a robot vacuum cleaner, Australia. 

5 Benefits of a Robot Vac 

Less Cleaning Time

Once your robot vacuum cleaner and mop have mapped your home and you have used the 360 robot app to set no-go zones and cleaning schedules, there's nothing else for you to do. Even though the operation process of hoover robot vacuums is complex, your part of the job isn't. The best cleaning robot vacuum has all of the bells and whistles, but it's easy for the user, which means it saves you time and energy. Your hands are free while the mop robot vacuum hits the floor. You can set it off on an extra clean from the office, and know you're arriving home to an extra clean floor.

 Beat Allergies & Cancel Pet Hair

You might not think of vacuuming as a chore that impacts your health, but it does. All of the dust and debris you track in from outdoors can harm your health, and contribute to allergies, and respiratory issues. If you have pets that go outdoors, the bacteria they track in is even worse. But a self-clean robot vacuum can operate daily, or multiple times a day if need be, which is a great way to beat dirt, debris, bacteria, and pet hair. 

A floor robot vacuum is also helpful for anyone with mobility issues, joint pain, or back issues. A lot of vacuums are heavy and difficult to navigate, but a floor robot map makes your life easier.`

 Mop Floors at the Same Time

If you're thinking about purchasing a mop robot vacuum then it's worth noting the smartest cleaning robot mops can tell the difference between carpet and hardwood. They are smart enough to sense surface changes as they operate. But, even if you buy the best cheap robot vacuum, you can program your automatic vacuum to carpet certain areas, mop others, or create no-go zones where your auto vacuum cleaner won't go at all.

 Program Across Multiple Floor Levels

The app offers you a variety of customisation options so you can create a cleaning schedule that works for you. If you want to create ten maps to operate different cleaning schedules, you can. You can include all of your Wi-Fi networks so the robot sweeper never loses connectivity, no matter what floor it is operating on. Likewise, the 2D and 3D scanners are effective at accurately representing objects and walls in a given space. You can save up to 10 maps so you don't need to constantly rescan an area that has already been scanned once.


Your robo vac is WiFi enabled, which means you can operate it via an app on your phone. And when you use that app, you can start a cleaning operation from absolutely anywhere, whether you're sitting on the couch, at your desk at the office or sipping cocktails on a Bali beach. Your mop and vacuum robot is also smart enough to return to its dock to recharge its batteries if they are running low. Though, if you invest in a high-tech robot vacuum, a clean robot vacuum has a powerful enough battery to complete a full cleaning schedule without interruption. 

360 Smart Life Shop 

With how quickly technology moves, it should come as no surprise that smart vacuums are getting smarter and cheaper. A clean robot was once a pipe-dream for most people, but soon, it will be the standard in most homes. And if you are interested in investing in your own robot that vacuums, you can shop a range of options in the 360 smart life store. 

  •       360 S9 Vacuum

The S9 stores up to 10-floor maps, and its battery packs a punch – it will last up to three hours, which is plenty of time to clean all of your floors. It offers three mop modes, and the battery will last on the mop only for 100 minutes. You can schedule deep cleans, spot cleans, room cleans or whole home cleans – the floor robot vacuum will do your bidding. 

  •       S10 360 robot vacuum and mop cleaner

The S10 is a top-of-the-line remote vacuum cleaner and mop. It offers a hefty 520ml water tank and a 500ml dustbin. On quiet mode, the battery will operate for over four hours. It's ultra-slim so it can slide underneath furniture and fittings, as well as sensitive sensors to avoid obstacles. 

Visit 360 Smart Life online to shop a variety of 360 vacuum cleaners. And don't forget the robot vacuum warranty. In addition to floor robot cleaners, 360 Smart Life also offers cordless vacuum cleaners, smart cameras, wearables, accessories, and more.