6 Ways To Reduce Allergens in Your Home

Whether it’s autumn or spring, it usually means the air is full of pollen and just about everyone is doing pre or post winter cleaning in their home. A deep clean of every room, clearing out your storage (and getting your winter woollies out of their boxes), even the garage is getting a clear out to make space for other items. 

This in turn means plenty of dust swirling around, and lots of other potential allergens that are being ruffled and activated after a long winter of dormancy. 

Reducing allergens in your home is in your best interest, to reduce the possible harm for those in your home who suffer from respiratory illness, or those who may enter your home. A well-dusted and well-cleaned home is a necessary step in your cleaning routine. Here are six ways to reduce the allergens in your home. 

Make Sure You Dust Everywhere 

Dust will definitely have accumulated over the previous season and an integral part of cleaning that reduces the amount of allergens in the home is to dust all of those previously untouched surfaces. You should dust in the lesser-thought-of places, like atop the ceiling fan, on the windowsills and on top of the electric heaters and air conditioning systems. Getting rid of the dust in your home will improve the air quality. 

Tip: Use a 360 robot vacuum and mop cleaner to clean up leftover dust on the carpets and in the hard-to-reach places like under the couch. 

Adopt a Regular Vacuum Schedule 

Regular vacuuming is one of the best ways to reduce allergens in your home. If you’re a busy person, then you can use a robot vacuum cleaner. This cordless vacuum cleaner like those produced by 360 Smart Life Australia is the perfect robo vac that you’ve been waiting for. The 360 vacuum cleaner is the perfect sidekick for your vacuuming needs in the home. This hoovering robot can do the job while you’re in, or out! It’s a simple, perfect, fire-and-forget system where you can let the automatic vacuum do its thing and vacuum the floor for you. 

Airing Out The Property 

One of the best things you can do, no matter the season, is to introduce fresh air into the space as much as possible. Alongside your use of your automatic robot vacuum, you need to get as much fresh air into the space as possible. Make sure you open windows on the other side of the house as well to create a flow of air. 

Vacuum Your Mattress 

One often overlooked area is your mattress. You can use your electronic vacuum cleaner to go over your mattress to pick up any bed bugs, or dust that’s accumulated on top of your mattress, you can also use the 360 robot vacuum on your mattress, the smart vacuum cleaner will know where the edges of your vacuum are, thanks to the sensors on the underside of the vacuum. People often overlook their mattresses, but they are havens of dust mites and other allergens. Don’t forget to vacuum your mattress. 

Buy Some Indoor Plants

Indoor plants help to provide the space with clean oxygen without having to keep a window open constantly. Airing the space out is great, but plants are natural oxidisers and are also aesthetically pleasing. Be sure to dust off the top of the plant leaves and make sure you pay attention to where they are in relation to the sun in the room. Make sure you read the instructions carefully and keep them watered. 

Mop Up Any Spillages Right Away to Prevent Dampness 

Sometimes it’s often easy to overlook a spillage in the home, or to not mop it up as effectively as you should. One simple wipe may not be enough for some spills! That’s why you need a robot vacuum like the 360 robot vacuum and mop cleaner, this particular mop cleaner is used in conjunction with the 360 robot app, powered by 360 Smart Life.

Choosing A Great Cleaner Is Easy! 

You can throw away your traditional mop and bucket and trade it in for one of the world’s greatest, most convenient inventions: the robot sweeper. This design has taken the home cleaning world by storm and can be used by homeowners, or even professional cleaners, who want to cut down on their time spent, or perhaps they have an injury that an electronic vacuum cleaner could help alleviate the stress of having to vacuum. 

Your cleaning will never be easier with the 360 S10, featuring a mop and vacuum combination - its previous version, the 360 S9 vacuum also featured a mop, with the capacity to institute “No Go Zones” in the home, to prevent vacuuming of areas you don’t want vacuumed! The 360 range of products are the best mop and vacuum robot in Australia and as a smart vacuum, it has the capacity to change the way you clean. Visit the 360 Smart Life store today to learn more about how Smart Life can change your life. 

Reducing the allergens in your home just got easier thanks to the best automatic robot vacuum in Australia! Unleash the power and smart technology of the 360 robot vacuum on your home today.