Are Robot Vacuums Worth It? What You Need To Know

Robot vacuums have taken the indoor cleaning world by storm in the last decade or so. The convenience of having your very own hoovering robot really makes a difference for a lot of people, particularly those who might have a physical disability, or just simply a bad back. The small, compact nature of the smart vacuum makes it the perfect companion for your home, designs have changed slightly over the years, since robot vacuums were introduced to the world as the flagship of cordless vacuum cleaners, but the basic principle remains the same: the robo vac does all the work, so that you don’t have to.


So, if you’re interested in making the investment in a smart vacuum cleaner, you should consider some of the following pros and cons before you start looking. 


One of the biggest reasons to buy a robot that vacuums is the convenience that it offers. It’s a fire-and-forget system, particularly if it’s one bought from the 360 Smart Life shop, as these are AI-based systems, developed by 360 Australia. 

Another pro is that they can be controlled remotely, via the 360 robot app, this app will allow you to see stats like battery levels, set specific cleaning times. The smart vacuum cleaner also has a return-to-home function, where it will return to its docking station if the battery gets too low. 

Their compact size and ease-of-storage is another one in the ‘pro’ column for automatic vacuums. They take up a whole lot less space than traditional stand-up vacuums, and they’re lighter too. 

What To Look For When Choosing A Robot Vacuum 

If after reading our pros and cons list, you’ve decided to go and get yourself one - good for you. You’ve made an important step into making your life a whole lot easier. There are a few things to look for when choosing a robot vacuum. 

Battery Life 

Automatic robot vacuums are getting better and better at output-for-battery-life. Battery life of the average vacuum is about an hour - which is far, far more than they used to be and more than enough to do at least half of a larger home, or all of a smaller one. If you’re buying a new one, then you should be fine to guarantee that it has that maximum capacity of around an hour’s worth of use. But if you’re buying used, you might notice a slight degradation in the battery life. 

Mop Functionality 

One of the best things about the newest iterations of a home vacuum cleaner is that they now come with mop functionality, for use on hardwood flooring and tile. The addition of this function allows them to cover the whole home and pretty much every surface. This allows you to maximise their potential to clean your entire home, while you can put your feet up and relax. 

Smart Technology 

The addition of smart technology into the world of robot vacuum has existed in one form or another right from the get-go. None better than by 360 Smart Life, who introduced the 360 vacuum cleaner, the S8, before introducing the S9 and S10 models, which featured an increase in battery power, dust bin capacity and more. The presence of smart technology in vacuums means that you don’t have to worry so much about the vacuum falling down the stairs, for example - it has sensors that warn it of a drop-off. You don’t have to worry about remembering to charge it - it knows when it’s getting low on battery and will ‘return to home’ - by returning to its docking station to charge on its own. 

What About 360 Smart Life Vacuums? 

If you’re looking for the best robot vacuum mop in Australia, look no further than 360 Australia for our range of smart vacuums. Stop by the 360 Smart Life store to make your selection of the best cleaning you’ll ever use. 

360 Smart Life has been making vacuums for several years, each an improvement on the previous version. Beginning with our most basic of robot hoovers, the C50 - it has a basic vacuum function, but also has a built-in mop functionality, making it one of the best automatic robot vacuums in Australia to also serve as a mop robot vacuum. At its price point of $250.00 (AUD), it’s an affordable option for most people, Making it one of the best budget robot vacuums out there. 

Next up we have the S6 - our first in the ‘S’ line-up, with additional suction power and additional dust bin capacity. It’s a fully automatic design that is able to differentiate carpet from hardwood flooring on-the-fly and comes with the 360 robot app, allowing you to remotely control the settings from your phone. 

Our latest iterations in robot vacuums are the S8, S8+ and S10. These feature extensive run-times of over 140 minutes up to 250 minutes in the S10, allowing you to do the whole house without even breaking a sweat. The ‘cliff-identification’ technology is the same in each, meaning that your investment will be safe, all on its own upstairs. The feature of the S10 is the huge increase in dustbin capacity of 520ml and a water tank of 500ml, allowing you to use its mop functionality to the maximum. If you’ve got a good mix of hardwood and carpet in the home, then S10 is the best model for you. 

Whether you’re a homeowner or a professional cleaner, the convenience alone of a robot vacuum is certain to be a buying point. No matter what your needs, you certainly need one of 360 Smart Life’s robot vacuums in your life, it’ll make cleaning something you enjoy doing - because, well, you’re not doing it. Leave it to the robot vacuum to take care of and go about your day.