Flooring Your Robot Vacuum & Mop Can Clean

If you want your floors to look and feel clean, then you have to stay on top of vacuuming and mopping. A light daily clean will save you time, and it means you don't need to deep clean as often. While it might feel tiring (and maybe a little complicated), it certainly doesn't need to. If you have an automatic robot vacuum cleaning your floors has never been easier. However, many people are concerned about which is the best automatic robot vacuum for their flooring. Robot vacuums can safely clean a variety of flooring types. 

The key to cleaning your floors properly is to use the right equipment. You can use your clean robot on tile, hardwood, laminate, vinyl, and carpet. 


Tiles should come as no surprise, the mop robot vacuum makes the process a breeze. Tiling is easy to maintain, but the benefit of using a smart vacuum cleaner is the gentle mopping doesn't leave too much water behind which is always a slip risk. And your cleaning robot mop can also vacuum the area first. The great thing about the 360 mop and vacuum robot is it doesn't use a lot of water while it works so it's suitable for most flooring. The mopping function doesn't require any harsh chemicals either, which is important for many flooring types. 


Vinyl is waterproof and because it is inexpensive it's one of the most commonly used materials for flooring. It requires daily vacuuming or mopping to remove grit and debris that could potentially scratch and damage the flooring. What better way to stay on top of your flooring than with an automatic cleaner? 

Laminate is incredibly popular, and it's because there are so many different styles and designs available. One of the most important things to remember about laminate is it shouldn't be mopped using a traditional mop. You also have to avoid using abrasive cleaners because they can scratch your flooring. A robot mop vacuum cleaner uses limited water, which means it's a great option for mopping laminate. That being said, it should be done sparingly and your floor robot vacuum can vacuum the area daily. 


Finally, carpet! It should come as no surprise that your electronic vacuum cleaner can tackle your carpeting. For heavy traffic areas, you will likely want to schedule daily cleans. It isn't just a case of keeping your carpet clean, it also reduces the risk of allergies and limits the likelihood of asthma flare-ups as a result of debris, bacteria, dirt, and germs. 

360 Robot Vacuum and Mop Cleaner Range 

The 360 Smart Life S10 is the newest and most powerful auto vacuum cleaner available in the 360 Smart Life store. This robo vac has a 500 ml dustbin, and a 520 ml water tank, and can run on quiet mode for up to 260 minutes. It has a thin body so it can sweep under beds, couches, and cabinets. 

The 360 s9 Vacuum is a sporty and efficient robot sweeper that offers plenty of power! Not only can it switch being vacuuming and mopping, but it also features LiDAR technology and 25 sensors for ultra-navigation. If you have a sensitive pet or a sleeping baby, the quiet mode option reduces the noise level down to quieter than the sound of a human voice. 

With any 360 robot vacuum, you can install the 360 robot app to control your robot vacuum cleaner and mop. You can draw maps, set no-go zones, and set a cleaning schedule that works for you. With LiDAR and SLAM technology, the 360 vacuum cleaners offer superior navigation – they're not going to suck up stray socks or bump into your sleeping furry friends. More importantly, they can detect furniture they can't fit under and won't get stuck bumping into items repeatedly. Which isn't just an annoying battery drain, but could also potentially damage your furniture. That's why investing in a high-quality clean robot vacuum is important. 

If you need an emergency mop or vacuum, you can open the app from absolutely anywhere and set your floor robot cleaner off on an emergency run. The best cleaning robot vacuum for you will vacuum, mop, fit your budget, and provide you with a battery life that works for the size of your home. Whether it's the S10, or the S9 or you have your eye on the C50, don't forget the robot vacuum warranty. 

Visit the 360 Smart Life Shop 

Store 360 stocks a wide range of Smart Life automatic vacuum cleaners. If you are looking for a hoovering robot, you can shop for a range of products at a variety of price points. And if you aren't quite ready to invest in a robot that vacuums, you can shop 360 Australia's other products, including cordless vacuum cleaners. Be sure to shop the 360 Smart Life Online range.