How 360 Smart Life Makes Cleaning Up After Kids Easier

As every parent knows, having children is a major life decision. And it's one that comes with a lot of ramifications, including an incredibly messy home and a whole lot of chaos. But, you wouldn't change it for the world. Well, you wouldn't change having children, if you could find a way to make cleaning up easier, you'd take that in a heartbeat. 

How Children Challenge A Tidy Home 

Why is it that having children makes keeping a tidy home a home? There are a lot of different reasons. One of the biggest is that kids have a habit of leaving everything everywhere and you might have to ask them a dozen times before they eventually pick it up. When you have small children, they are prone to dropping food, and crumbs, and making a mess. There's also the fact that both raising children and cleaning your home are time-consuming. When you're doing the school run, taking the kids to activities and seeing their friends, it's even harder to get around to all the cleaning. 

Why A 360 Smart Life Auto Vacuum Cleaner & Mop Is The Perfect Addition to a Home With Children 

You have probably told a friend you're too busy for a visit, but it's really because you think the house is a mess. When people do come over, you immediately tell them you're behind on cleaning. The majority of people don't care. They aren't interested in hearing your apologies because they don't care if there are toys littering the floor. They came to see you, and they understand how challenging children are.  

This is where a robot mop vacuum cleaner can be a life-changing addition to your home. It doesn't matter how often your little one spills, it doesn't matter how many chewed-up biscuits end up on the carpet because you can schedule your mop robot vacuum and let it take care of those. You don't need to make time for cleaning, you can use your 360 robot vacuum to keep the place tidy. 

There's also the added benefit of the 360 robot app, not only can you schedule the robot hoover, but you can also trigger an extra clean whenever you need it. If you're on the way home from work and you are expecting surprise visitors, open the app and send your hoover robot vacuum on an extra cycle around the house. If you're running late and you don't have enough time to tackle all the chores? Open the app and send your cleaning floor robot off on an extra clean. 

A smart vacuum cleaner can operate quietly in the background while your children or pets are sleeping. A clean robot vacuum is easy, it's convenient, and it will make your life easier. The best mop robot vacuums have a long enough battery life to cover every square metre of your home and they automatically return to their charging point so they're ready for the next cycle.

How A Store 360 Smart Life Robot Vac Can Help 

  •       Picks Up Crumby Carpets

If you are forever sighing when your handheld vacuum battery dies, a smart vacuum can help. In addition to vacuuming on a schedule, it can handle extra runs if your carpets are particularly crumby. 

  •       Mops up Spills on Hard Floor Surfaces

The beauty of a floor robot cleaner is not only can it pick up crumby carpets, but it's also great for mopping up spills on hard surfaces. A cleaning robot mop can take care of spills, and differentiate between hard floor and carpeting so you don't need to worry about accidents. You can also use your clean robot vacuum app to create boundaries and set particular rooms for mopping or vacuuming. 

  •       You Can Set It & Forget It

Use the app to set a cleaning schedule that works for you. Once you set your 360 vacuum cleaner's schedule, you don't need to think about it again! However, if you need an extra clean, a robot that vacuums can handle that too. As useful as a cordless vacuum cleaner is, it doesn't have the benefits that come with an automatic vacuum cleaner.


Overview of the S10 360 Robot Vac

So, which is the best clean robot? You will find many robo vacs in the 360 Smart Life Shop, but if you're looking for the best robot vacuum in Australia, look no further than 360 Smart Life online store's best mop and vacuum robot, the S10. 

  •       The Features

        520 ml water tank

        500 ml dust bin

        180-minute battery

        LiDAR technology

        Ultra-slim design

        Noise reduction ducts

  •       The Benefits


        Automatic robot sweeper

        Compatible with smart assistants

        Quiet operation

360 Australia has a variety of robot vacuum cleaner and mop products available. In addition to the S10 floor robot vacuum, you can shop for home vacuum cleaners, wearables, smart cameras, and more. And if you're looking for the best cheap robot vacuum, consider the 360 S9 vacuum. Visit the 360 Smart Life Online store to shop for the perfect 360 robot vacuum and mop cleaner.