How Robot Vacuum Cleaners Can Help Alleviate Allergies in Your Home

Allergies can be a miserable experience for sufferers – the red, itchy, watering eyes, the tickly nose that leads to endless sneezing, sniffling, and nose blowing. It's miserable, and the changing climate means that allergy season starts earlier than ever before and runs longer, too. Whether you use wipes regularly or change and shower the moment you walk through the front door, there are still allergens in the air causing havoc on your sinuses. However, you have other options and one of the best is a robot mop vacuum cleaner.

The Benefits of Buying a Robot That Vacuums

There is a lot of argument as to whether hard floors or carpeting are better for allergy and asthma sufferers. Whatever side of the argument you fall on, the key is finding the most efficient way to remove dust mites and pollen from your home. A floor robot cleaner is one of the most efficient ways to deal with the problem because the only finger you have to lift is the one that clicks go on the app. Of course, there is some set-up involved as you create a variety of maps, set no-go zones, and set a schedule that works for you. Your automatic robot vacuum can run as often as you like, and help you manage respiratory issues. 

Aside from a cleaning floor robot handling your floors automatically, why is an electronic vacuum cleaner your best bet for beating allergies? Before you buy a robot vacuum, consider this. 

A floor robot vacuum collects pet hair, dust, and debris and stores it within the dust tank. Depending on the model you change, you may only need to empty this once a fortnight. Longer if it empties itself into the base container. So, while the clean robot is extending the life of your floors by cleaning them clean, it's purifying the air to keep your nasal passages and sinuses clear. 

Unlike air purifiers and dehumidifiers, the best mopping vacuum offers quiet operation. So, it won't disturb you, it won't annoy your pets, and it certainly won't wake the baby. 

Of course, one of the greatest benefits of using a robot hoover robot vacuum is that you can schedule its operation. If you want it to operate several times a day in the playroom, that can be arranged. You can also click a button on your phone and set it off on an emergency clean if somebody drops crackers or you have surprise visitors. 

Other Allergy-Friendly Options

A cleaning robot mop isn't your only option to manage allergies. There are plenty of smart technology options that can help your self-clean robot vacuum in a bid to keep your indoor air cleaner and reduce your symptoms. Air purifiers are an excellent place to start, they collect pollen, debris, and dust in the air and help make your air more breathable without the sneezing and sniffling. Just be sure to opt for a purifier with a HEPA filter. 

Of course, you could always invest in a high-tech nasal irrigation kit, which rinses your nasal and sinus passages to wash away any debris trapped and causing issues. 

A smart thermostat is a slick way to control the temperature of your home, but it can also help with humidity levels. If you can keep your humidity levels below 50% (and above 30%), you have optimised humidity levels. Anything over 50% encourages the growth of mould, dust mites, and any other allergens in the air. So, a smart thermostat is a great way to optimise comfort and you can operate it right from your phone. 

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If you are looking for an automatic vacuum cleaner, visit the 360 Smart Life Store to shop for a range of clean robot vacuums that are compatible with the 360 robot app that makes life easy. The 360 S9 vacuum is a stellar choice when it comes to the 360 vacuum cleaner range. 

The best robot vacuum cleaner in Australia will depend on your home and individual needs, but whether you are looking for a hefty hitter in the S10 remote vacuum cleaner or an affordable smart vacuum cleaner like the C50. 

If you want more than a simple cheap robot vacuum and look at mop robot vacuums, then the S10 offers a mighty water tank as well as a large dustbin. You don't have to worry about it running out or filling up on its cycle and it certainly won't run out of battery. However, with the smart system it possesses, it will immediately return to the dock to recharge and continue right where it left off once it is fully charged.

The C50 might be the budget option, but it still packs a punch and if you want a robo vac you can rely on, it won't disappoint. It seamlessly switches between a robot vacuum cleaner and mop and it can cover a large home or a small apartment. 

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