How To Easily Clean Hardwood Floors

If you have hardwood floors, then you need to know how to clean them. It might be a necessity, but that doesn't mean it's a joy. As far as chores go, washing floors is the quickest ticket to make you feel like Cinderella. It can feel like a never-ending story, especially in high-traffic areas. That gets even more complicated if you live with hardwood flooring. With the smooth surface and darker colouring, hardwood flooring seems to accumulate dust and grime far quicker than laminate, carpeting, or tiles. As it's a natural material, it's also at higher risk of scratches and scruffs. 

Why It's Important To Thoroughly Clean Your Hardwood Floors

Hardwood flooring might be challenging, but it is a beautiful addition any homeowner would be lucky to have. They require a deep clean annually. That's the key to maintaining their natural beauty and shine, but keeping up on regular cleaning will keep them at their best all the time. Mopping your hardwood floor is important for lifting dirt and debris, but it also helps prevent scratches, and scuffing, and helps extend their life. 

Though a cleaning robot mop is ideal for daily cleaning, you should consider hiring a professional to handle an annual deep clean. They will apply a protective finish that reduces the risk of damage and restores your floor to its best. If looked after properly, your hardwood floors will last a lifetime. 

The Most Efficient Ways To Clean Hardwood Floors 

It's difficult to keep up with the level of cleaning that hardwood floors require. But, you can make life much simpler for yourself by embracing an automatic vacuum cleaner, like the ones you find on the 360 Smart Life Store. Using an app, you can create maps for your floor robot vacuum to follow. You can make no-go zones if there are rooms or areas you would like to avoid, you can set barriers, boundaries, mopping areas, vacuuming areas, and take as much control as you need. The automatic robot vacuum will follow the schedule you set. But, you can also use voice control or the app to set your mop robot vacuum off on an extra clean or two. 

You don't need to get down on your hands and knees to scrub your floors. The mop was invented for a reason and it is your best option for managing hardwood floors. It's generally to use a flat mop rather than a string mop. A string mop dribbles which increases the risk of accumulating surface water. Spills should be dealt with as soon as they happen because excess moisture can damage the flooring. A self-clean robot vacuum is ready to launch at any moment to clear up any spill as it happens. And with a vacuum mop in Australia, your floor robot mop can handle the mopping and take care of any vacuuming you need to be done as well. 

There is a risk of over-cleaning hardwood floors. Experts recommend a wet mop clean just once a month for those lower trafficked areas. That doesn't mean you should vacuum less, you should aim for at least a weekly run over your hardwood floors with your home vacuum cleaner. 

360 Smart Life Robot Vacuums 

Whether you prefer the 360 S9 Vacuum, the C50 or the S10, all of the robo vac 360 vacuum cleaners are compatible with the 360 Robot App. You can connect to Bluetooth with one click and voice control yours with the help of your smart home assistant. Set your cleaning schedule, sit back, and let your 360 robot vacuum and mop cleaner take control. 

The Best Robot Vacuum Australia 

The S10 is a top-of-the-line floor robot cleaner. It brags a 520 ml water tank and a 500 ml dustbin. It offers up to three hours of continuous cleaning, three water levels, max suction of 3300 PA, and intelligent control. 

Smart Vacuum Hoovering Robot 

The S9 packs much of the same punch, but with a lower price tag. It's a sleek, sporty unit, offering 2650 PA max of suction power. It can handle 100 minutes of continuous mopping and up to three hours of battery life. 

If you are looking for the best budget robot vacuum, the C50 is your best bet. It offers a lot of the same features as the S10 and S9, but without the same level of power. Still, it has a max suction of 2600 PA and a smart navigation system. Not only does it map your home, but it also provides zig-zag cleaning for a smart auto vacuum cleaner route. 

360 Smart Life Online 

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