How To Get The Most Out Of Your S10

Life can be chaotic, which is why a home vacuum cleaner that operates under its own steam like a mop robot vacuum is the perfect solution. Of course, you can't expect your cleaning robot mop to pick up the cleaning slack if you don't know exactly how well it performs and what it can do. So, before you buy one or before you open the box, let's find out exactly what the automatic robot vacuum from 360 Australia can do for you. 

360 Robot Vacuum and Mop Cleaner 

First things first, the S10 is a combination robot map vacuum cleaner, and it is teeming with features. This includes six cliff sensors, which prevent your hoovering robot from falling off stairs or other edges in your home. 

At 520ml, the water tank is one of the largest on the mop robot vacuum market, but do be sure to fill it after each use to avoid running dry. It can cover an impressive 200 sqm on one tank! It slides onto the back just like a dust bin and is simple to fill and replace. The mopping plate connects with small plastic clips and magnets, and the pads are micro-fibre and slide into place. 

And the dustbin is 500ml, but you do need to ensure you empty it. The dust bin is located beneath a flat at the top of the map and vacuum robot. It has a built-in blade and brush to detangle anything that does manage to get tangled, which should save you plenty of trouble. The brush is removable, which is an important feature for anyone with pets or long hair. You can simply pop the brush out and clean off any tangles with ease. Luckily, the S10 auto-empties, but you still need to remember to empty the dock to avoid clogs. It's easy to remove, simply press the green tab and it pops open. You can remove and wash the filter as well. 

The charging dock needs to remain plugged in so your unit can fully charge when it is not in use. You will only find two buttons on the clean robot – one is the power button and the other looks like a power plug, which sends it to recharge at its docking station. 

360 Robot App 

The app is where the best mop robot vacuum features come into play. It's the key to unlocking the floor robot cleaners' greatest assets. It's simple, it's intuitive, and from the home screen, you will find three quick action shortcuts you can customise. You need to run the robot sweeper once before you can utilise the app features because it needs to create a map of your home. Once it does this, you can label the rooms, choose the type of flooring it has, and resize each area. 

Once you create the map of your home, there are tabs at the top for you to select specific rooms for cleaning. However you set it up, the floor robot mop operates efficiently – it will select the most efficient pattern to clean your floors. 

You will find the automatic cleaning schedule in the toolbox menu. You can edit and reset the map, and indicate areas where you want a deep clean. For example, if you have a playroom for the kids, it might need extra suction on carpeting to collect those crumbs and dust. The S10 hoover robot vacuum is more than capable of tackling a multi-story house. 

Another excellent feature is the push notifications from the app. If there is an issue while your robo vac is in operation, you will get a notification. Notifications include the 360 vacuum cleaner sucked something up it shouldn't have, the dust bin is incorrectly seated or it's stuck. 

Smart Vacuum Cleaner 

Thanks to 3D scanners on the 360 robot vacuum, you can view your home plan in 3D. And the S10 automatic vacuum also has lasers to detect obstacles. This prevents collisions, but it also ensures no random items are accidentally sucked up. It also knows whether it can squeeze under furniture to continue its work. 

360 Smart Life Shop 

If you're looking for the best robot vacuum and mop in Australia, look no further than our online  store for the 360 S10. While there are plenty of options on the market and in varying price brackets, the S10 is a high performer with a feature-filled app, sensitive sensors, and a logical cleaning pattern. It stands out from the crowd and will quickly become an important part of your regular cleaning routine. 

If you are interested in investing in a clean robot vacuum in Australia, then visit the 360 smart life store to check out the S10. Alternatively, you can check out the 360 s9 vacuum or the 360 S8 Plus. With plenty of products available, including a cordless stick vacuum cleaner and smart cameras, you can find everything you need to make your home clean and connected.