Protecting Your Carpet With A 360 Robot Vacuum

Automatic robot vacuums are an excellent solution for people who need a little extra help to maintain a spotless home. With plenty of new models on the market, they aren't just more affordable now, they're also more efficient. 

Where older models were confused by socks in their paths, wires on the ground, and even a sleeping kitty cat, modern cleaning robot mops are advanced. 360 Smart Life auto vacuum cleaners feature LiDAR and Slam technology to provide stellar navigation. Not only will the S10 easily fit under cabinets, couches, and other furniture, but the sporty 360 S9 vacuum will avoid sleeping pets and other obstacles in its path. 

Why Keeping Your Carpet Clean Is So Important 

To be honest, most people don't vacuum as frequently as they should. But protecting your carpet is an important task and it starts with keeping it clean. The most obvious reason for keeping your carpets clean is their appearance. The more frequently you vacuum the cleaner your carpets will be. As a result, you remove all the debris, dirt, and germs that collect, which can have a positive impact on allergies and respiratory issues. It also improves the smell. Your carpet sees a lot of spills and accidents, which can lead to unwanted odours. Regular vacuuming helps remove those smells and reduce the odour. 

Another important part of keeping your carpet clean is preventing permanent stains. The more regularly you clean, the quicker you address potential stains, and it doesn't have time to settle into the carpet's fibres. The result is that you are protecting your investment. Carpeting isn't cheap and by cleaning yours regularly you keep it in great condition. 

Ways You Can Ensure Your Carpets Stay Clean 

You can drag your cordless vacuum cleaner out daily and run around the house if you like, it's an effective enough way to keep your carpets clean. But, a smart vacuum cleaner is a hands-free way to ensure your carpets stay clean. 

With the 360 Robot App, you can create highly accurate maps thanks to the robot vacuum cleaner and mop's advanced navigation system. It can store up to ten maps, and you can use the app to set your no-go zones and creates cleaning schedules that work for your home. If you have a playroom that sees a lot of foot traffic, you can set it for multiple cleans a day. Or set the lesser trafficked areas to just once every other day. Not only can it detect the difference between carpet and hard floors to determine when to vacuum and when to mop, but you can also set certain rooms as mop or vacuum only. A robot mop vacuum cleaner is the most efficient way to ensure your carpets stay clean. 

The Benefits of Running a Robot Vac Every Day 

The benefits of vacuuming your carpet daily are many – regular vacuuming can eliminate dust mites, which can have long-reaching effects. There is no better way to find allergy relief than by eliminating particles and pollutants by regularly vacuuming. Your carpet catches everything and as you inhale it, it can aggravate your allergies and respiratory issues. The best way to breathe easier is to set your robot hoover off on a daily routine. Better skin is often a side effect of these benefits as allergens can contribute to skin conditions. 

Don't underestimate the power of a clean home on your mental health. There's nothing more satisfying than walking into a clean home and your floor robot mop can do the hard work for you. 

Get Great Carpets with 360 Smart Life Shop 

The 360 Smart Life store stocks a wide range of 360 robot vacuums, and whatever your budget, you are sure to find a model that suits your carpeting needs. 

The S10 is the top-of-the-range, newest and most powerful floor robot cleaner that Store 360 stocks. It packs a double punch, with a hefty 520 ml water tank and a 500 ml dust bin. This is no cheap robot vacuum that you need to empty multiple times through its cycle. 

If the S10 isn't the 360 vacuum cleaner for you, there is also the S9, S8, and the C50. The S9 robot sweeper is as sporty as it is efficient. Set it up in the app and let it go! Your robot vacuum can be scheduled to run any cleaning schedule you like, but you can also rely on remote vacuum cleaner activity. Whether you're stuck in traffic, running late at the office or down the shops, use the app to send your electronic vacuum cleaner off on an extra cycle. 

The C50 is the most affordable of 360 Australia's smart vacuum range. It offers you both vacuuming and mopping, and a smart navigation system as well. It tracks where it cleans to avoid overlap and ensure full coverage. Not only can you use the app, but it also comes with a smart remote control too. It's the perfect solution for a home of any size.