Small Office Cleaning Tips To Cut Costs

The key to the success of any business is managing operating costs, which has become an increasingly challenging endeavour. While many businesses are happy to cut labour to reduce operating costs, there are better ways to manage costs. Look at your expenditures to find easy costs to cut, and it might take some time, but the long-term returns are worth it. 

Costs Are Rising – What Can You Do To Lower Yours? 

You can save money by spending money, whether it's investing in new equipment or exploring different technologies. You can also provide your employees with the right training to ensure they have the knowledge they need to do the job properly and efficiently, which is sure to reduce costs. Make sure they are trained in safe working processes as well. Not only will it prevent sick time due to injuries, but it will also reduce the likelihood of workers' compensation claims. 

You can also reduce costs by purchasing certain items in bulk, opting for an auto-dilution system can help you avoid chemical waste for all your cleaning needs. 

  • Go Paperless

If you take everything digital and ditch paper, you aren't just saving money on paper costs, you also save on printer ink and maintenance. You might still have key documents to print but take as much paperless as you can and reduce those costs. It also means less rubbish to deal with. 

  • Automatic Robot Vacuum

It can take a long time to vacuum and mop the office, no matter how big or small it is. It's labour-intensive, it's costly, and it takes your team away from more important jobs. It's one thing to tack five minutes onto a lunch break to wash up, but why have them clean the floors when you can invest in a floor robot vacuum? There is an initial cost, but there's a cost associated with purchasing the best home vacuum cleaner as well. A clean robot is cheaper, and it handles all the work so you don't have to. Invest in a robot vacuum cleaner and mop and set your schedules with the 360 robot app. You can also use the app to create floor maps, designate no-go areas, set mopping zones, and set your robot hoover off on extra cleans if you need to. 

A smart vacuum cleaner is a smart investment. 

  • Reusable crockery

If you have a staff room, invest in reusable crockery. You can create a cleaning rota or simply clearly outline that each member of the team should clean up after themselves when they are done. So, provide them with cutlery, cups, glasses, plates, and bowls, but also provide them with washing up liquid and soap so they can tackle the tasks themselves. 

It is worth creating a cleaning rota to have a member of the team wash walls, countertops, and faucets, and clean out the fridge regularly. 

  • Multi-Purpose Products

Many of the cleaning products available today are multi-purpose, and opting for cleaners you can use to clean windows, surfaces, and fixtures will help you cut costs. It also takes up less storage space and simplifies the cleaning process. Just be sure to invest in high-quality cleaning supplies so they do the job well, otherwise, you will end up using more than necessary which isn't as cost-efficient. 

Store 360 Smart Life Shop 

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The 360 S9 Vacuum is the perfect mid-budget robot that vacuums. There are also budget options when it comes to 360 robot vacuum and mop cleaners, such as the C50 which is as cheap as many handheld vacuum units. As with all 360 robot vacuums, they are compatible with the app. 

If you are looking for a high-end robo vac, then the S10 is the best in the business. It's an auto vacuum cleaner that runs for three hours on one battery charge, which is more than enough to tackle the whole office. At just 8.5 cm, it can easily slip under couches, cabinets, and other pieces of furniture. It has a stellar navigation system so you don't need to worry about it running into expensive gadgets, running over your pet, or stealing your pet food either. A remote vacuum cleaner should be reliable because you are putting a lot on its shoulders, but an automatic vacuum cleaner is a smart investment. 

Whatever clean robot vacuum is right for you, be sure to secure the robot vacuum warranty to keep it running smoothly for life. Your new electronic vacuum cleaner can handle the grunt work while your team focuses on the tasks that add value to your business. Visit 360 Smart Life Online to compare robot vacuums before you decide which is the best robot vacuum cleaner in Australia.