The Top Robot Vacuum Cleaners for Pet Owners

Just like every pet owner, you would do anything for your furry companion, even if it means putting up with hairy couches, clothes, and itchy eyes from allergies. 

In addition to the hair pets shed, if they spend time outdoors they bring in a variety of dust and debris which contain pollen and other allergens. All of that reduces the quality of your indoor air and can be hazardous to your health. 

A home vacuum cleaner will only work as hard as you are willing to – in that, you have to operate it for it to be of use. Even the most dedicated cleaner easily falls behind on household chores, especially when it comes to vacuuming in a house full of pets and children. Compare a robot vacuum to a traditional vacuum, and there are plenty of benefits to investing in a cleaning floor robot. 

The Benefits of Remote Vacuum Cleaners For Pet Owners 

A clean robot delivers results. There is no effort required on your part, but the smart vacuum will deal with all the dander, dust, and debris, and it can fit just about everywhere. It creates a more hygienic environment for your family, which is impacted by life with pets. Whether you are allergic to your pet or not, having one increases the likelihood of allergies and asthma complications so HEPA filters and vacuum robots can help mitigate those risks. 

A hoover robot vacuum will save you time. While it handles daily vacuuming, you don't have to. It leaves you with more time to tackle other cleaning or simply enjoy time with your family and pets. You can set the schedule for your electronic vacuum cleaner and decide when it operates at max power and when it optimises quiet mode. A cleaning robot mop is the most efficient, time-saving way to stay on top of pet mess. 

One of the trickiest things for self-clean robot vacuums in the past was different flooring surfaces, but today's automatic vacuum cleaners are much smarter. 360's robot mop vacuum cleaners can recognise carpeting and hardwood so they never mix up vacuuming and mopping. Importantly, the best mop and vacuum robot is just as efficient, whichever mode it is operating in. 

With a low profile, the best mop robot vacuum can easily reach tight spaces and operate under furniture and appliances. Another major benefit of using a robot hoover as a pet owner is how low maintenance it is. Many automatic robot vacuums are self-emptying, which means you only need to worry about emptying the base. Additionally, the best clean robot holds a large amount of water, which means you don't need to worry about filling it up constantly while your map robot vacuum operates. 

Shop Store 360 Smart Life Online 

At the 360 Smart Life Store, you can shop a wide range of 360 robot vacuum cleaner mops. 

As far as hoovering robots go, there are a lot of options and which best robot vacuum is right for you will depend on your budget and needs. A mop robot vacuum like the S10 is one of the more expensive smart vacuum cleaners that 360 offers. However, it has the largest water tank (520 ml) and dust bin (500 ml) and is the most powerful when it comes to suction, which makes it a great option for pet owners. It's 8.5 cm in height so it's thin enough to slide beneath most items of furniture. Its vision is 3D powered, which means it is pre-programmed to recognise 100 different objects, from pet faeces to power strips. 

The S10 robot that vacuums is also brushless, which means you don't need to worry about the fur of a long-haired pet tangling those brushes and leaving your floor robot cleaner stalled mid-cycle. 

The 360 S9 vacuum is at a lower price point and has a sportier body so it can easily slide beneath the furniture. The cheapest option in 360's robot vacuum cleaner and mop range is the C50. It's the best budget robot vacuum 360 offers. It might not be as powerful as the S10, but it still packs enough punch to tackle a large home. It offers max suction power of 2600Pa, but you can reduce it to 600Pa for noise reduction. The dust bin holds 510ml, 300ml water tank, and at less than 8cm in height, it can easily fit underneath furniture and appliances to cover every square centimetre of your home. 

Whatever 360 robot vacuum and mop cleaner you choose, it is compatible with the 360 robot app. You can create a variety of maps on the app for your robo vac and create a schedule that works for you. And the majority of 360's automatic vacuums offer noise reduction mode so your pet can keep sleeping peacefully while your 360 vacuum cleaner operates around it. Better yet, the clean robot vacuum features smart navigation so the auto vacuum cleaner will go around obstacles (like your pet) and return to clean up again later. 

You can also create virtual walls in the app if you want to keep your floor robot mop away from your pet's water or food bowls. They may be smart enough to navigate away from them, but if you have a resource-guarding pet, you don't want your self-vacuum cleaner under fire while it works. 

And if you're not interested in the smart vacuums available from 360 Australia, you will also find a range of smart tech on the 360 Smart Life Shop. From cordless vacuum cleaners to 360 camera Australia, smart cameras, wearable tech, and accessories.