Why Superior Robot Vacuum Navigation Technology Is Important

Cleaning is a chore, and it's one that everyone has to deal with. Luckily, technology has made certain chores a little easier. Thanks to automatic robot vacuums, it has never been easier to clean your floors. When they first hit the market, a robot that vacuums was a gimmick. They were guilty of making bigger messes than they were trying to clean, but navigation technology has changed all of that. 

Why Navigation Technology Is So Important For A Robot Vacuum 

Early electronic vacuum cleaner robots were prone to diving off of edges, running into furniture, and trying to hoover up your cat. With the technological advances in robot hoovers, you would be forgiven for believing things have gotten overly complicated. The reality is as technology advances, your smart vacuum cleaner is more functional, more capable, and more importantly, cheaper than ever. But, how does a robot mop vacuum cleaner know where it's going?   

Your mop and vacuum robot vacuum rely on the same type of technology that virtual reality games, self-driving cars, and aeroplanes use to operate. It's that technology that guides a clean robot vacuum away from designated no-go zones or triggers it to return to its charging base when the batteries run low. 

Smart navigation relies on laser technology to scan its surroundings. It's this smart navigation system that allows your robo vac to detect objects and also clean your home in the most efficient, systematic way possible. 

LiDAR – What Is It, How Your Robot Uses It, And Why It's Important

What is LiDAR?

LiDAR is a rapidly developing technology, and while it has many applications – we believe the most interesting is what it does for your robot vacuum cleaner. It stands for Light Detection and Ranging. LiDAR 3D maps environments, which is why it plays such a major role in robotics, including robot sweepers, and autonomous vehicles as well. This remote-sensing technology relies on lasers to measure distance. The sensors send short laser light pulses and measure how long it takes for the light to bounce back. The floor robot map can then use this information to calculate how far away the object is from the sensor. 

These sensors are commonly used in robotic vision systems because of this accurate technology, which is why it is growing in application. Its ability to navigate and avoid obstacles is second to none. It can create a 3D mapping of rooms, as well as models of plants, animals, and people. It's also adept at measuring the size and form of objects.  

LiDAR technology was invented in the 1960s, but it's only now finding wider use. The reason for this is early sensors were too large and struggled to generate data. Thankfully, today's LiDAR sensors are more practical. 

How Your Floor Robot Vacuum Uses LiDar 

Hoovering robots rely on LiDAR as their vision. LiDAR sensors are essentially your robot vacuum cleaner mop's eyes and ears. This makes LiDAR the perfect technology for automatic vacuum navigation and obstacle avoidance. 

Why LiDAR is Important 

LiDAR maps, surveys, navigate autonomously, captures sharp and accurate images, and makes a cleaning robot mop a high-quality cleaning companion to make your life simpler. 

360 Smart Life Shop 

You can find a range of automatic vacuum cleaners at the 360 smart life store. Whether you are looking for a 360 robot vacuum and mop cleaner or a cordless vacuum cleaner, 360 Australia has the perfect product for you. With the handy 360 robot app, you can set yours up in no time, and create maps of your home and cleaning schedules to suit your needs.  

  •       S6 Robot Vacuum Cleaner and Mop

With three anti-drop sensors and a sleek design, the S6 operates using advanced LiDAR technology. It has a lithium battery and 1800Pa suction power. This fully automatic robot vacuum will accurately map your space and you can set no-go zones to set a cleaning schedule that works for you. 

  •       S8 Robot Vacuum

If you want the S8, it comes with an auto-emptying dock that takes just 20 seconds to use. The S8's LiDAR Slam navigation technology and 2700Pa suction make it the perfect cleaning companion. 

  •       360 S9 Vacuum

The S9 features advanced LiDAR technology and 220Pa suction. You can opt for noise reduction mode to avoid disrupting sensitive pets. It can switch from sweeping to mopping and you can create no-mop zones, as well as no-go zones. It's designed to differentiate between hard floors and carpeting. Once you set it up, you don't need to do anything else. But, you can start it up from the app on your phone, whether you're in the house, at the office, or across the country. 

  •       Store 360 S10 Auto Vacuum Cleaner

If you're looking for the best robot vacuum in Australia, look no further than the S10 floor robot mop. The S10 is the pinnacle of robot vacuum technology. This ultra-slim model can fit under your furniture to clean everywhere – it can slip under the bed, beneath the couch, and at just 8.5cm tall, it can even fit under some wardrobes. 

All of the 360 robot vacuums available operate using LiDAR technology. So, you can rest easy knowing that if you choose a 360 smart life product, your 360 vacuum cleaner comes packed with the best possible technology.